Everything On Cloud

Training tek is cloud based web portal. We benefits various educational institutions by providing application scalability and reduced hardware costs.

User Friendly

Trainingtek is highly flexible. Seeker can search and join any provider. The class schedule can be altered by the provider with just a few cilcks.

On-The-Go Learning

Training tek provides access and support to the users 24 X 7. Users can enter and login from anywhere and at any time.



Who can teach?

Any person who has an excellent experience and infrastrucure for providing courses, and has experience with seekers and professionals can enroll as a provider in trainingtek. Good oral communication skills are mandatory.

Features Offered to The Provider:

  • Provider can offer courses to the seekers.
  • Provider can hire any lecturer based on their skills.
  • Provider can allocate batches for the seekers.
  • Provider can collect course fee through online.
  • Provider can alter course schedule of the seekers

Seeker is a person who takesup the courses conducted by providers. Seekers in Trainingtek can pursue unlimited access to the study material and also can attend classes through online. Trainingtek offers free login to the seekers only with the motive of encouraging the students to upgrade their career with the help of Trainingtek.

Features Offered to the Seeker:

  • Search for any course
  • Can Request the provider to enroll him as a student.
  • Can make Payment for course fee through Online
  • View Course Schedule
  • Unlimited Access To study material
  • Attend Online exam.
  • 24 X 7 Support

Lecturer is a person who works for the provider. Any person who has an strong working knowledge of the particular domain and is very passionate about educating and sharing his experience and knowledge with students and professionals can teach at Trainingtek. Good oral communication skills are mandatory. Lecturer can search for the provider and can apply request to hire. Lecturer can be requested by provider for training the seeker, when the profile is public. Lecturer can act as a provider after he/she makes payment to enroll as a provider.

Features Offered to the Lecturer:

  • Search for provider
  • Can send request to provider for lecturership.
  • Create Study Material
  • Issue Study Material
  • Conduct Online Exam


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Trainingtek.com is an online learning portal that helps anyone learn software, design, and business skills to achieve their personal and professional goals. With a Trainingtek.com subscription, members receive unlimited access.